• SkinLab MD™ Miracle C Serum

SkinLab MD™ Miracle C Serum


A revolutionary serum formulated with high quality, high potency, and advanced antioxidants blended to brighten the skin, boost collagen, and reduce pigment.  This “Miracle” Vitamin C serum has the highest concentration of fat soluble Vitamin C available on the market, providing the best penetration into the skin, and stays stable and effective in reversing photodamage.

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Green Tea Extract neutralizes free radicals that accelerate aging skin
  • Provides environmental protection against stressors produced by UVA, UVB, and pollution, making it an excellent partner with sunscreen
  • Brightens the skin while promoting collagen production

Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • $97.00